IW’s range of Tuf-Flex™ cables was introduced to provide a high level of crush resistance for applications where an unarmored cable could be subject to damage, e.g. long assemblies used in a test chamber; down-mast, air frame, etc. where a cable needs to be secured in position and could be subject to high levels of vibration. The following tables show the results of crush and bend tests performed on IW’s Tuf-Flex™ internally ruggedized cable. The test samples were 2ft. overall length, using 1803 cable. Results show maximum VSWR and Insertion Loss, tested across a frequency range of 40 MHz to 18 GHz. The test sample was placed between two 1” diameter plates with the force applied to the top plate.

The same cable was tested to measure performance with successively tighter bend radii. The serving used to create the armor not only provides excellent crush resistance, but maintains the concentricity of the cable as it is flexed through a radius, enabling RF performance to be maintained.